Mazama Photographs
Scenic Photography Gallery
Beauty in Blue.  Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Scenic Views of (mostly) the Northwestern U.S.
Views of my home town of Seattle, Washington.
Just look up!  Clouds, weather, sunsets, astronomy. 
Vivaldi visits Seattle.  Effects of the seasons.
(okay - Vivaldi hasn't scanned his pictures of summer yet...)
Seagulls - Beautiful skyrats.

These images are some of my favorites from over 30 years of photographing the beauty of our world.  I share them here in hopes of passing on to you some of the wonder that surrounds us, just waiting for us to look a little closer.

These images are suitable for desktop wallpaper and slideshows, and are all in JPEG format.  Please feel welcome to grab any images you want, but I ask that you use them only for your personal non-profit enjoyment, and that you not modify them in any way without asking me first.  If you have any comments on the site, or are interested in using an image for commercial and/or publication purposes, please contact me - Bob Harrington

Photographic prints are available from these images.  Click here for details.

I have found some great freeware software on the 'net for making your Windows desktop wallpaper management a breeze - take a look at Shaun Ivory's Panorama32.

Irfan Skiljan's IrfanView32 is a wonderful graphic image viewer, with lots of powerful features.

John Walker's Fourmilab has some really neat freeware utilities, including a nice slideshow screensaver.