Vivaldi visits New England. (caption below)

This is a fascinating montage put together from images in the SeaWiFS satellite imager archive. The area in the image is New England, from near Washington DC on the lower left, to Maine and the Canadian Maritime Provinces in the upper right. New York's Long Island is below and left of center, while Cape Cod, Massachusetts is just right of center.

Okay - the 'summer' image is technically from early fall, but it is all the more impressive when you note that only 2 weeks separate the 'summer' and 'fall' images. Fall fell fabulously fast.

In the 'winter' image, most of the white-ish land areas are snow covered, with a small amount of scattered cloud as well. The lines of clouds extending south-eastward over the ocean are from the cold, dry air picking up moisture from the relatively warm Gulf Stream waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

The intense green coloration in the 'spring' image appeared almost as quickly as it disappeared the previous fall - images from just a few weeks earlier show nothing but bare, brown soil.

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