Weather satellite GMS-5 - 22,000 miles over the equator at the longitude of Australia. Feb 13, 1998 03:32 UTC (caption below)

The moon is setting over the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayas, the legendary home of Shangri La.

These images have been falsely colored from the original black and white satellite images, but the position of the moon is as it actually appeared.

On the full globe image, you can see Australia at lower center; eastern Asia in the upper left quadrant, the Indian ocean covers the lower left part of the globe; the large island of Borneo, the Phillipines and the other western Pacific island nations are scattered across the left center of the picture; with the Pacific Ocean taking the rest of the right two-thirds of the image.

On the enlarged and cropped version of the image, India is the triangular land mass at the lower left; just to India's right (east) is southeast Asia, with Viet Nam along the east coast. Japan is the chain of islands at far right center, while China and Russia take up most of the rest of the upper part of the image. The Himalayan Mountains are the sideways "S" shaped feature below and slightly right of the moon.

It is the dry season in southern Asia - very few clouds are apparent over India and SE Asia; much of central and eastern Russia (above and right of the moon) is covered by snow and scattered clouds; while southern and eastern China are covered by the thick clouds of a snow storm.

To summarize: Wow! (Original images courtesy NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center)