GOES 9 Weather satellite - 22,000 miles over the equator and the eastern Pacific Ocean. September 23, 1997 04:00 UTC (caption below)

This is how the Earth might appear if your eyes were sensitive to infrared light.

This is a composite image put together from a visible wavelength image (crescent to the left), and two infrared wavelength images. These were all originally black and white images - the visible image was tinkered with a bit to simulate real color; while the two infrared images were color mapped so clouds would appear dark, since they absorb the infrared light coming from the earth's surface) and colored a bit more like they might appear if you actually had those IR eyes.

The big, black spiral of clouds in the upper right center is Hurricane Nora getting ready to take a whack at Baja, Mexico. (Original images courtesy NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center).