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(Updated 8-8-99)

Every storm has a silver (and orange, blue, yellow, white...) lining.

'twas a nice storm (at least for the slight majority of Puget Sound residents who weren't struck by lightning.)  We've had two three days of very nice skyscapes as a result of the same weather conditions that brought us this week's storms - Ma Nature has good props.

Monday evening.  Nice bubbly - do we have a designated driver?
Monday evening.  Sunset and poofulus orangeus ooh-aahulus (meteorology term - will be on the quiz.)

Tuesday.  Just one of the over 1000 lightning strikes monitored by the Weather Service during the afternoon.  This 3 part strike actually took only about a quarter second, I slowed down the playback here.  No damage, but the thunder did set off a few car alarms.

KING television's Queen Anne Towercam got some nice shots, too - here it appears the Space Needle is getting fried; but the bolt actually is about a mile further away at the Port of Seattle docks, where longshoremen are getting fried. Now we need that bubbly...

Tuesday evening.  It's still noisy up north, but Seattle begins to relax and wash it's underwear as the sun sets peacefully in the west.  Those rays betray the presence of lots of water vapor in the atmosphere still - tomorrow could be interesting...

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Wednesday evening at sunset, we went quickly from clear to not clear, via some really nice altocumulus 'popcorn' clouds...
...which just as quickly congealed into more serious thunderclouds, as can be seen in the background.

The setting sun on the clouds made for yet another spectacular sky show.



Cumulus Grannyus.


Lava lamp.
Ma Nature has a few more than 64 colors in her Crayon box.


Last rays.
This image gives me severe vertigo...

As it got dark, the real show began...

It lit up the sky...
 ...many times...

It lit up the clouds from within...
...with electric claws.
Also many times.


A distant, very bright flash - yellowed by haze, lights up the bottom of the cloud deck.
Daytime returns for a fraction of a second.

Slow Motion Theater.
Takes a while to load...

Keep looking up - you won't be disappointed!
(You will, however, very likely collect some bruises from
parking meters, trees, large trucks...)

All images - except KING Towercam image - (c)1999 - Bob Harrington