Around Oregon

There are cow.

And then there are cows.

Some cows are out of focus.
They are so rare, they have to be fenced in.
Rare fuzzy enclosed cows.

You can go straight to nowhere in Oregon.

Or you can wind your way around to nowhere.

This is either Mt. Hood, or Mac's backyard rock collection.
(I think this isn't big enough to be the latter...  ;^)

Fun with compositing.  This is a vastly scaled down copy of the original, made from 9 separate scans.  The original is 8925 x 700 pixels, and some 19 Mb uncompressed.  Aren't you glad I didn't put the original here?  It is the view of the Columbia River from Memaloose State Park on Oregon's Interstate 84, looking north towards Washington state, which makes up all the fancy scenery on the opposite side.  Except for Memaloose Island in the foreground, which was once used by Native Americans as a burial site.  It is now used by Oregon as a tourist draw.  Progress.

Feel free to scroll way over that way  > > > >    See you when you get back.