Moon Shadow

Solar Eclipse - August 11, 1999

Composite of images I grabbed from a webcam based on a ship on the Black Sea.

View from weather satellite GOES-8 over the east coast of the U.S.
The moon's shadow races across the north Atlantic ocean on it's way to landfall in England,
where the news coverage is even more lame than our own...

I really like this image, though.

Animation of images from weather satellite MeteoSat-7 showing the moon's shadow crossing Europe.  England is the cloudy place just above center; The rest of Europe is the other cloudy place to the right and down from England.  Spain and Italy along the bottom of the image, were away from the path of totality, so of course they are clear and sunny.  The animation spans 4 hours at 30 minute intervals.

Clever of you European folks to install those glow-in-the-dark borders just in time for the eclipse!

French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, and Indian TV news are all better than English TV news (at least Discovery Channel Europe, who thought interviewing clue-impaired wackos was more important than remembering to actually show us the eclipse.)  The Iranians need to work on the focus thing, though...

Besides, I don't know what those Europeans are all hyped up about - we Americans got to see a double eclipse - the sun was behind both the moon and the earth...

Washington State had an eclipse 20 years ago, I took my own pictures of that one.

We will have another one in 2017.  So there.  Thppt.

...and my brain has been eclipsed by lack of sleep.  Off to chase a shoon madow...