September 11, 2001

Some 18 hours after New York City and Washington DC were the targets of unparalleled evil, Seattle spends a fitful, often sleepless night of shock, disbelief, sorrow... and a growing sense of terrible resolve.

As I walk the early morning dark, trying to sort emotions of a strength I'm not accustomed to harboring, the city and sky offer their own thoughts.


Unlit save for the flag at half mast, the Space Needle proclaims a nation's sorrow.


The Legacy lights reach to the sky, as if imploring the heavens for an answer to the question:


...and yet, in the night...

Luna, her dark side bathed in the cool blue light of Earth, squeaks past Jupiter and three of its moons.
The ancients considered such extraordinary heavenly conjunctions to be a very bad omen.
Glad we are past such superstitions in these modern times...

We are all New Yorkers

This terrible crime was committed against all peace and freedom loving people of the world.  Whether through relation, friendship, or the simple humanity that links us - we have all been cruelly touched.
While New York City mourns its own and begins to heal,
We will help.  We will pray.  We will not forget.

God's View
A more distant view of the crime from a vantage point not shown on the news.
That very distance makes it all the more obscene.

Even from 22,000 miles up. the GOES East weather satellite has no trouble seeing the plume of dust and smoke from the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City as it blows out to sea from the west end of Long Island.

Image loop - 500 kb

...and there may very well be a victim for every one of those miles...

No quarter.
No mercy.
No more.